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  1. The app can also record your locations when running in the background. However, to save battery life of your iOS device, locations will be reported approximately every 40-50 meters when app is running in the background, and connected to the previously reported one. Therefore, no fog will be removed if you only move a few meters.
  2. The foreground app always has the highest priority in iOS, so iOS will close background apps when memory is not enough. This usually happens when you're playing a game. Make sure the recording mode is on before moving.
  3. Your locations will be recorded only when there are at least 3 GPS signal bars even though you entered the recording mode.
  4. Airplane Mode turns off GPS explicitly. Turn off Data Roaming or remove (or simply lock) your SIM card instead if you want to use GPS abroad.
  5. Internet connection is required to determine the corresponded countries of the recorded locations. A loading icon will appear on the top-left corner of the screen when this function is working.
  6. It is recommended to use a separate GPS device to record your tracks. This would save battery life of your iOS device and avoid GPS signal loss when Internet connection is unavailable.
  7. If you use an external GPS device, make sure the distance between two consecutive GPS points is less than 2 kilometers, or that part of track will be ignored when importing to the app.
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